Finanzen 4.0

Finance is about the future. A strong financial system frees us from the constraints of time, protects us from uncertainties that lie ahead, and enables us to build a prosperous tomorrow. By hedging downside risk — via insurance, specialized financial instruments, and direct access to capital markets — finance, at its best, gives us greater freedom to choose one future over another. This link between today and tomorrow is, however, greatly shaped by regulation — both public and private. We are currently undergoing a dramatic shift in the regulatory approach to finance, specifically in the areas of insurance, swaps, and derivatives. Will the shifting framework bolster these financial tools or will it disconnect us from their benefits? Please join a distinguished group of speakers at this special Cato Institute summit as they examine the current state of financial regulation and offer proposals for better connecting households and businesses to their preferred future.

Vorwort des Cato Institute zur Konferenz “ Futures Unbound: The Cato Summit on Financial Regulation